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At For Nomads Group, we help global nomads like us to optimise their finances, efficiently deal with the added complexities of a globally nomadic lifestyle, and maximise the opportunities that come with a multi-jurisdictional approach.

We know that leaving your home country doesn’t mean you have to leave behind optimal financial strategies, and we help you access the best products and services available from the multi-billion-dollar global financial services sector, which has been providing world-class financial solutions to expatriates around the globe for decades.

We believe that travel is the best education, and achieving true financial independence is the best way to retain the flexibility to keep traveling and the best way to build yourself the life that you want to live.

Our twin aims are to make it easy for others to join us and start enjoying life as a global nomad, and to help our fellow nomads from anywhere on the planet to discover and effectively use the best financial tools available to achieve true financial independence, so that they, and you, can turn dreams into reality.


What we do

The very best life insurance made specifically for global nomads, which provides practical help and support for dealing with the added complexities and administrative requirements associated with an unexpected death overseas, in addition to the financial element of the insurance. Every global nomad should have this.

A simple, safe, and effective retirement plan made specifically for global nomads, which is fully globally portable both whilst you’re paying into it, and when it’s paying you back in future. Fully invested into an S&P500 ETF with no management or decision-making required, plus guaranteed minimum future values.

An excellent range of international medical insurance options, all made specifically for global nomads, which provide top-tier private medical & health coverage anywhere on the planet except the USA, including your home country. Direct payment to the hospital, no deductible, and very competitively priced.

A simple and low-cost way to optimise your regular savings by accessing a wide range of top-tier investments, including mutual funds and ETF’s from some of the worlds most highly-regarded asset managers. Designed for global nomads, with a low minimum amount, loyalty bonuses, and fully globally portable.

Our media and information website focussed on helping you optimise your finances as a global nomad. From hints and tips on all things financial, through to ideas and shared experiences from the global nomad community, this is the place to learn and be inspired to create your own financial destiny and make it happen.



Mark Round

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

A veteran of the international financial services industry, Mark started his career in insurance, with a UK financial institution now part of Banco Santander. After decades of working in international finance across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Mark is now semi-retired and stays perennially young through several part-time senior-level positions with internationally-focused start-ups and SMEs targeting global expansion, which provide plenty of opportunities for business travel, including being our Executive Chairman.

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Jake Wallis

Co-Founder & CEO

After nearly a decade with a UK bank now part of Lloyds Banking Group, Jake moved to South East Asia to work in international wealth management, primarily working with and for senior executives of multinational companies based overseas. Having had the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience across multiple financial disciplines as an expatriate for more than a decade, Jake is passionate about encouraging others to take any opportunity to live internationally, and leads our company vision as our CEO.

Villya Purba

Co-Founder & CFO

Having worked as an auditor at Ernst & Young, an equity analyst at Singapore’s United Overseas Bank and Indonesia’s Mandiri Securities, investor relations at one of South East Asia’s largest conglomerates, and various roles in both capital markets and impact investing, Villya brings wide-ranging senior-level financial experience to our team as our CFO. As firstly an expat, and then a nomad, Villya has lived in multiple countries across several continents and is very much looking forward to exploring all the others.

Dinny Winton

Co-Founder & COO

With experience as an executive assistant to several different CEOs and President Directors in the financial sector, as well as senior roles in investment fund administration and general business operations in both Asia and Africa, Dinny is our expert in getting things done as our COO. Overseeing our customer service operations, staff onboarding and training, and general management, Dinny loves the freedom and flexibility which comes with a role covering all time zones on the planet, which can be done from anywhere.

Laurent Notin

Corporate Advisor

Laurent has had an uncommon journey. A French national, he left France at the age of 23, and spent 20 years in South East Asia before relocating to Finland in July 2019. He considers himself a citizen of the world. Through his career in market research and advertising, he developed a passion for consulting and advising. He is now a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and start-ups all over the planet. He has been an advisor to the Board ever since the For Nomads Group was just an idea on a piece of paper.

Lorenz Gaimard

Head of Marketing

Anais Lamory

Head of Content

Sylvain Rouxel

Head of Growth